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Getting ready rock n roll

Spent the afternoon setting up cameras for tonight’s juice weasel concert.  Just waiting for the rock to begin around 7:30 pm. We’ll post some clips tomorrow for those who can’t make it tonight.

Tom Bennett Wins Riverside Sings 2014

Congratulations to my brother Tom who won the 2014 Riverside Sings competition tonight. Real proud of you bro – you were great! Now your life can “be beautiful” (lyric from the song he sang – can you guess which one it was?)

Instructional Design Models

Instructional Design Models provide a framework for instructional designers to follow during the development of instructional tutors, tools, and materials. ADDIE – Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation is one of the most popular instructional design models in use today. This is due in part to the broad universal nature of its framework. Below is … Continue reading Instructional Design Models

Death on the Rise

If you are a relative of a college student, be forewarned, your imminent death may be just around the corner. That’s right it is that time of year again, it is time for midterm exams and e-mails of dead relatives are prevalent. This is an amazing phenomenon that occurs repeatedly four times per year, twice during fall … Continue reading Death on the Rise

SCORM and ADL YouTube Videos

The Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative was founded by the DoD in 1997 and charged with developing and implementing technologies across the DoD and federal government. Part of the ADL charter is to collaborate with government, industry and academia to promote international specifications and standards for designing and delivering learning content; the shareable content object … Continue reading SCORM and ADL YouTube Videos

Learning Theories

During the past several months it has become apparent to me that this blog will be the perfect place for me to record notes about the research I am doing for my MSIDT project; this then is the first installment. According to Wikipedia, “Learning is acquiring new knowledge, behaviors, skills, values, or preferences and may involve … Continue reading Learning Theories

How Will We Communicate When All the Words are Gone?

In order for you to give my thesis any credence, I feel you must first understand my love of diversity in our current culture. So, when I say I’m agnostic when it comes to religion, I only state that so that you can appreciate the context of my next statement; which is, that I was … Continue reading How Will We Communicate When All the Words are Gone?


One of my favorite television shows while growing up was Green Acres. The basic premise of Green Acres was that a successful New York City businessman Mr. Douglas, played by Eddie Albert, and his wife were leaving the big city for a more peaceful and serene life of blue skies, fresh air and farm living … Continue reading Serenity

The Shameful Truth

This is a story about conscience. I can’t really say whether I had just turned four or was closer to age five, I just remember distinctly that I was four years old. The day started out as any other day. I can almost see that moment now, like I’m watching a video replay. It was … Continue reading The Shameful Truth

Blogging in Education: Pros and Cons

So here I go blogging again. This will be the third time I have been prompted by an educator to blog. I really don’t see the point of writing a blog nor do I read or subscribe to any. When I am searching topics on the Internet, I don’t recall having ever been directed to … Continue reading Blogging in Education: Pros and Cons